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Ye, I Understand Your Pain

I was a widower at the age of 35. My wife died of cancer leaving me and our 3 children. The youngest was only 2 1/2 yr. It was very painful experience. Three years later I remarried and I am thankful to God for his guidance cos my new wife is a very good stepmother to my children. I have 2 more lovely children from this marriage, a girl who is now 15 yrs and a boy 10 yr.old. Husband / wife are greatest friends no other can compare.
pakbumbum pakbumbum 51-55 2 Responses Feb 12, 2011

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you are blessed I was widowed at 49 and re married 2 years later. He turned out to be a con man! I do have a good man in my life now and he was widowed at age 49 also! <br />
You are luck to have found love agian ... there are so many evil people that pray on the lonely !! Gad that you meet someone good! I am still trying to divorce him and the divorce is not over after 22 months!!!

its good to hear fromsome one comming out of this positivly!