Lost My Wife To Cancer. What Do I Do Now?

Thought I had it made. Wife ,2 kids, house, decent pension to look forward to. We were married for 17 years and thought we could grow old together. Now I'm lonely, raising 2 kids and just plain miserable. I'm only 48 but now I feel 80.

Need to sell the house and move back to the east coast. Just venting.
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3 Responses Jan 25, 2012

you vent all you want. I feel the same way you do . i am 59 . i too feel like i aged 30yrs. life sucks. life will never be the same anymore. i dont care what anyone says. You dont heal, you have to accept it . which i cant quite yet accept the fact he is gone, and i am mad mad ath the world, mad at god for taking him away so young.

I just lost my husband on March 3, my best friend, my life....it's been difficult. We were just married on February 22 and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on February 2. It was a crazy few weeks. We had known each other for over 15 years, just wasn't time for us to be together until five years ago. I am sad and hurt because after so many years in failed marriages, we were able to finally be together and then cancer had to take him away from me. Take my best friend, I just wander around like an idiot most of the time, really missing him. I know that I will be myself again, not totally because part of me died that day, but that new me, not sure I am ready for it. That me without him, just doesn't seem right. I am missing a huge part of me. Probably the most difficult thing I have had to deal with it. I know that I need to stay strong for my kids and I am, just those moments have I have a minute to myself, I cry, and I cry hard.

you sound just like me. i cry and cry every single day since my husband passed away in July. i feel for everyone that has kids too. makes it harder. We all heal but how much who knows. How better will it get? we dont know. Some people never stop grieving for years. I dont listen to anyone anymore all their stupid comments they make, they haave no clue they are not walking in my shoes.

Sorry to hear of your loss, I know it can be very difficult as I lost my husband to a sudden unexpected death this past November. I'm experiencing the similar feelings, I thought we would grow old and retire together, actually had plans for when we did retire - now no plans! I also have a house and was told not to make any rash decisions, so here I am in my house without him. I'm going to give myself time before I decide what I'm doing.