Loss Of My Husband

i am 27 years old and on August 31st my life changed for ever my husband was 28 years old and he had been battling brain cancer since February and the doctors repeatedly told us that its wasnt the type of cancer that would take his life and i woke up to him on friday august 31st yelling my name and he said he couldnt breath so i got him to the livingroom, i had him n my arms and he looked at me and took his last breath and died while i was holding him i tried my hardest toget him back and now my children 7 and 4 years old hurt and i dont know what to say to them and it hurts terribly because i cant take their pain away, i try not to grieve around them. i feel so lost he is thelove of my life exactly a weekafter his death was our 10 year anniversary and now i just dont know what to do anymore and i dont know what to say to people. i have never in my life expected to be going through this at my age.....i miss him so much it hurts..
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2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

I am so sad for you and children. I lost my first husband of 21 years old to brain cancer and once he was diagnosed, they gave him 1 week to live and he lived 1 month. That was in 1974 and medicine is more advanced now. My heart goes out to you and your children. My only advice is take one day at a time, treasure the love you and children had with your husband, and most of all, get proper grieving help. If you don't, it could cause you to be vulnerable and make mistakes going forward in your life because you didn't properly grieve your loss.

I have just lost my recent husband on January 12th and once again I am lonely and sad, but I am trying real hard to take the proper grieving steps to move forward with my life. I have lots of family, a son and grandchildren and they need me and I need them to go forward with my life. Just take one day at a time and take care of yourself and your children. Treasure the love you all have for your deceased husband!

Take care,

Dont talk to me about doctors i had enough of them and all they care aabout $$$ and have no clue what they are doing. i hate them all . I see right through them and how they work. I feel for you i really do. And the poor children. You dont say nothing to people. i know it hurts i cry and cry everyday, i talk to my husband all the time. My husband had liver cancer, hospice, (a joke) but i had him in our home. And to see him deteriate was the worst in my life. i never will marry or date again. noone can replace him. One day at a time. And everyday hasnt gotten better. will it?? i cant say.