My live in boyfriend of 10 years hung himself in my basement Dec.21/12 while I watch TV awake in bed...... I found him like that when I went to turn out the Christmas tree lights and noticed that the basement light was on so I walked down the stairs and there he was hanging and I couldn't get him down. I called the ambulance and they came and by then I had ot him down and he had fell like a ton of bricks onto the cement and cracked his head open so when the emt's arrived they pushed me upstairs and that was the last time I saw him. they made me follow them to the hospital where they led me to a room with couches and told me he had passed. I think I fainted andi know I pissed my pants and that really al I can remember of the next 4 days...

His parents had died of alcohol related issues an he was really depressed an had started drinking more then normal and started missing work to drink all day at home. He missed his mother so much that it killed him. I tried for many years to get him to get some sort of counseling and he just wouldn't. he had given up. given up and everything and I am so mad at him.

I put up with all his issues and all the fighting and at time physical and emotional abuse and this is how I am repaid!! But on the other hand I miss him so much how could he have done this to me after 10 yrs. I can sleep I cant look at any of this things and I a scared I will never find my match again. I can believe this is my life...
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Many hugs I am a widow too