Daughter And Husband

Back In January 02, 2012 My daughter passed away, then on March 9, 2012 my husband of 44 years passed away. I knew he was dying but I still can not see me without him, My daughter she had a operation for cancer and they got it all and for days later she died, She was my oldest of seven children, they are grown. My life is over. Do not Know how to pay the bills, they are going to turn the lights out anyday. he always paid the bills.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2013

I am sorry things have gotten so hard. I can not imagine the grief you have suffered. It can be very difficult to function after the loss of either a child or a husband. To loose both is unimaginable. There is help. Please contact a local Hospice and request grief counseling. They have groups that meet and there is no charge.

Your life does not have to be over sweetie. You just need help learning how to live with what was, and can never more be. Your loved ones would not like you morning them this way. Please get help.