I Loved Him Soo Much Will I Ever Get Out Of Bed

I can't believe I am. Here!!I lost my husband Scott on August 9/2013.My husband Scott was diagnosed with spleen cancer we were told that the cancer was isolated to his spleen.Scott had insurance with the V.A.his diagnose was given by a oncologist in.hospital after barreling with the V.A for about a year.They knew his spleen was enlarged for months they said it was from drinking alcohol and they would watch it.I new in my heart this was a wrong diagnosis so I kept bringing him to hospital.Finally found out that oncologist took his case pro bono.This man ran every test including a bone marrow test to make sure it was only in his spleen all the test came back totally clean.The doc called his doctor at V.A they would not approve his surgery.Finally we had a surgeon pro bono he was scheduled to have it removed in two weeks August 6.I though finally it is going to happen after fighting V.A. for almost a year.Then literary a week before surgery my. Scott started to have headache and started to lose some eyesight I took him right to the. Hospital they found a tumor on his brain stem his doctor started aggressive radiation he was so sure this would work since all tests including a brain scan just a week before.Scott made it for three days of radiation.On the third day he collapsed he was rushed to the hospital a scan was taken again it showed bleeding and another tumor.My world stopped at that moment I had to tell my semi conscious love of my life I was takin him home he looked at me and said I LOVE YOU AND TRUST YOU SCOTT died one and a half days August ninth at nine o five.I can't believe he is gone.They told me just a few days earlier this was isolated.I can't breath he was my world we took care of each other.I new exactly what he wanted because we talked about it due to me having multiple sclerosis we always thought it would be me .I can't do this I miss him so much the tears and pain are all the time I CAN'T HELP SAYING THIS BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE V.A. PUT RED TAPE BEFOR MY HUSBAND LIFE HE WOULD BE HEAR IF THEY HAD TAKEN SCOTT S SPLEEN OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE THEY KILLED HIM AND I SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT FOR HIM HARDER I TRIED NOBODY WOULD LISTEN.GOD I miss him I want him back!!!We would have been together for 13 years September 24 we miss u so much My love for him will never fade into
joannefrancis joannefrancis
41-45, F
Oct 9, 2013