When I was in 8th grade there was this really hot kid named James, he had blue eyes and brown hair. The first time in 7th grade I seen him I thought he was absolutely stunning but i never tried to talk to him. In 8th grade me and him had the same classes together. People already told him i liked him so he knew i liked him in the beginning of the year. He confused me because he was very mean to me yet showed some flirtation too. He would tell me i was ugly and more but yet he always would look at me, smile, come near me, and say some flirty things once in a while. He even made racist comments to me but yet always seemed to smile at me. People always told me he liked me his friends, and even his sister. I denied i liked him and tried not to talk to him in the year, because i felt heartbroken by how he was always rude to me and flirted with so many girls. The real heartbreak he gave me was when he took this girl to our 8th grade prom at the end of the year. Then again i was really ugly in 8th grade when i look back, yeah awkward years. I always liked him but i felt a little hated by him because of the things he said even though i felt he liked me at the same. Eventually I graduated i never really found out if he truly liked me, cause he never told me. Now 2 years later i'm in 10th about to be 11th i wonder about that situation in middle school if everyone told me he liked me but yet he never confessed it to me, did this happen because he hated me yet liked me or could all of them had lied to play a cruel joke on my juvenile feelings. Guess i'll never know.
asialynns asialynns
18-21, F
May 26, 2014