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It's about 10 p.m. on a Wednesday night, and a guy sitting at a bar
finishes his drink and is about ready to go home.
Before he gets a chance to walk out, the bartender says to him,
"Hey buddy," why're ya goin' home so soon? I usually see you
here until past midnight. Something wrong tonight?"
The guy responds,
"No ain't nothin' wrong, just gotta sore butt from sittin' on this
bar stool for so long."
"Buddy, I got just the thing for ya," says the bartender as he's
reaching up to the top shelf behind the bar.
He pulls down a bottle of pills, opens the bottle up,
and hands the guy two white pills.
The guy looks at the pills in his hand and says,
"What're these, aspirin?"
"Nooo," says the bartender..... "stool softener."
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