It Was You-know-who Again

I wish I didn't get such mixed messages from him. He acts like he cares about how I feel while I'm sick and tries to be sweet with me by asking me how I feel, "I'm sorry" and that crap. I guess he is just trying to butter me up. Then we started talking to each other and another friend of mine was sitting across the table with one of his friends and all of a sudden my friend and you-know-who started teasing me about how they were losing weight and comparing to how tiny I was.

Somehow the topic got to how I hate my waist and butt area because I have no curve to my waist or butt. They joked about how big my butt was and Jake just randomly all of a sudden grabbed my butt a bit lower in the hip bone pelvic bone area. It jumped me.

Again, mixed messages. First he acts all sweet like he cares and then that. Totally uncalled for. Then I was like "I feel violated" and he said "oh sorry for invading your space." 

I said "well you obviously knew I don't like that" and he said something like "well i could do it anyway if i really wanted to. I'm way stronger than you."

That's scary. In other words, "I can do that whenever I want too cause I'm big, your little and there is nothing you can do about it-*****."

I bet he has some kinda split personality disorder...
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1 Response Sep 24, 2011

I have a favorite saying..."when someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE them!!" Mixed messages are really true intentions....with a lil flattery/consideration thrown in to distract from the main purpose. Most times, the true personality cannot help but show through. Anyone worth your love/consideration/worry would make DAMNED sure the messages were clear.<br />
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Peace, Light and warmest wishes for you, sugar!!<br />
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Pens<br />