A Guy's Take On Women's Clothes

Even though they do not have much good sense when it comes to fashion, you have to hand it to the men. Men are certainly sensitive with what their ladies wear; either it's good or bad for their looks. There are times when ladies put on different types of outfits, not being aware of that it has bordered along insult, embarrassment or paranoia. Below are a few of the things that women don that guys don't like. At all.If you're a guy and you might see your lady donning a baby doll dress, what would enter into brain? Some men, particularly those that are a little paranoid, might believe that his young lady was pregnant. And we all know that a few men would go crazy if they learn that their girl was pregnant. Or perhaps they would think that their partner has gone crazy or they have Alzheimer's because they were wearing a style that is usually meant for younger kids. So as much as possible, men don't want their women wearing such dress style because it gives them so many ideas.In a few of the white cloud cigarette review you may read, you may notice that many men are starting to hate clothes which are called lingerie dresses. These types of clothes are created like the seductive corset lingerie ladies are only supposed at night time, for intimate purposes and for their partners alone. But today, somebody has produced this intimate kind of clothing public by making them as dresses. It may look stylish and exquisite but some men don't really enjoy it. This is because when the ladies wear it out; other men would stare and drool over the girls, making the men jealous.Some men would be proud because their partners look hot and sexy, but for those jealous types, this wouldn't be such a good idea. In relation to shoes, whenever possible, guys wish to look at their ladies in shoes that would not give them the upper hand. In this case, it would be the one with the taller height. Sometimes, guys would like to be taller compared to girls they are going out with. If the lady was a bit taller than them, the guys might feel insecure.If you would read some reviews like white cloud cigarette reviews, most of them would say that it would be better when they would wear a comfortable pair of doll shoes or sandals. That way, men wouldn't be so insecure with the height difference.
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May 8, 2012