In The Blood

I actually do have Gypsy blood. One of my grandfathers -who I never met, unfortunately- was a Romany Gypsy. He met my grandmother, bizarrely, on a windswept Scottish island. I thank the Universe for orchestrating that meeting, or I would not have existed.

I guess it is from my mother's father that I get my olive skin and dark brown eyes, my dark hair that forms in ringlets when it gets long. None of my siblings seems to express those genes, at least physiologically, though my son seems to have inherited them.

From my late teens to my mid-30s I used to wear a bandana, and I was always being asked if I was a gypsy (or a hippie or a pirate), and as I was travelling with a band of clowns and circus artists, living in a truck, for a lot of the time, I lived a bit of a gypsy life.

I've read a palm or two as well, but only as an excuse to hold somebody's hand and tell them nice things about themselves!

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Not exactly, clarkee... though a farmer once turned up at my door with a shotgun by his side! Luckily, his daughter turned out not to have been pregnant after all! Phew!<br />
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JJ Cale sang: Things like love don't tie me down,<br />
I just spread my love around...<br />
<br />
-though in your case, I spread it extra thick.<br />
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X, Dex

you and your band of clowns better git out of town ..... did anyone ever say that to you?

I too have romany blood from my mums side of the family. What was the surname of your grandparents? Mine were the Mitchells.