Hair Show!

Been a stylist 20+ years. Tired of going to flea market hairshows!! They sale stuff you the stylist will never even use in the first place! Well my wife an I came up with a hairshow "JUST" education! You will never see all of the asile of jewerly ect... eh! Can't even go there!! Checkout our website and see what you think! We even filed a trademark on this hairshow. 'YOU' could be the lucky winner at this upcoming show!! Kindly take a moment of your time and check it ou!! 
Hair Comedy Team Founders John Michael&Thuy!
jmbeautysupply jmbeautysupply
1 Response Sep 16, 2010

I know what you mean. It is good to go to the hair conventions just to see what is new,however,like you say ,you will never use most of it