"HALL of Fame' For Pixelita

Ever since I joined the Experienceproject PIXELITA was very friendly towards me. She send me gestures, gifts, wrote comments and above all, entertained us with a new logo picture everyday.

I sincerely think it is high time for a "HALL of FAME' for Pixelita.

I invite everyone who admires this exceptional lady and her contributions to write your small tribute and post it here. Let us see how fast we can reach the 100 mark!

Smurfie Smurfie
56-60, F
10 Responses Sep 12, 2009

She gets my vote.

Pix is a sweet heart and damn sexy too

If I whip mine out, there will be at least 100 comments full of laughter.

LOL!!! You know me like a book Mewold!! *wink* Now whip them out guys!! hehehe!

Pixelita is too classy to show nudity. But she wouldn't mind seeing yours. he, he, he.

She is the Hall of Fame Thanks for sharing.......

pixelita is a nice lady.....why you show all?

Oh...yes, my Dita video! She's the best! :-)


:-D Gosh Smurfie!!! *Pixelita blushes*