Suggested Possible Rules


My mommy said that one suggested rule would be that the Macho Male be confident enough in his manhood to never ridicule or make fun in any other way those who choose to wear more feminine clothing or choose to demonstrate their feminine side in any other way. To do so will result in the said Macho Male to spend one week in at least but not limited to panties, padded bra, pantyhose, slip, dress and heels. He will also be required to march wearing said attire in the next Gay Pride March.

A Macho Male shall exhibit on his pic-up logos, signs, stickers, etc which may show disrespect to those he feels superior to. To do so will result in the inside of his pick up being sprayed daily for one month with a perfume from those being shown disrespect.

The Macho Male shall not put on display using his pick-up any wildlife he may have shot. killed or injured. Doing so will result in a loss of membership in Ducks Unlimited, NRA and Goa as well as subscriptions to all hunting magazines. He will automatically be enrolled in NWA and a subscription to Ladies Home Journal.

Above are just suggestions and subject to rejection or revision.
SylviaJames SylviaJames
Sep 20, 2013