A healthy relationship is when both people are able to be themselves, respect each other, treat each with kindness & know how to give themselves & the other appropriate space. These are all different for everyone. I say if something doesn't feel right you need to address the problem with the other person, if it can be resolved...great, if not then you both must find a compromise or move on from the relationship. Obviously you don't want a friend or significant other to abuse you in any way. That is to include physically, mentally & emotionally. They should also be accepting of your family & friends, ie: not telling you that you can't spend time with them etc. Somebody shouldn't control you in any way. Everybody needs some personal time away from others, they should respect this & do it for themselves as well. Another major factor that I need in any relationship is trust. I want to know that if I tell them my deepest thoughts that they won't tell the whole world! I also want to know they won't betray me. There is no way to really know this ahead of time when you 1st meet someone. That's why I recommend starting out slow as friends & let the relationship grow whether as a good friendship or love. A good true friend or love will show you they care most by their actions. The number one thing I can't stress enough is that there has to be mutual respect! Nobody can give you instructions on a relationship, it is just too different for everyone but these are some common things I think should be important to everyone in a good, caring relationship.
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I think so too. And trust. Do you think that if trust in a relationship is lost, that it can be brought back?

Depends how that trust is broke.

Respect is number most important.