Reconize Your Sense Of Purpose

So far snce I joined EP. I have encountered so many people on here and am blessed by the fact that everyone has a gift. Somthing really special to offer. Could be a ind word, a shoulder for some one to lay there head on. reaching there hand out when people are lonely inside. Just yesterday, I met a beautiful person on here that has gone through the trenchs in her life with her child. She told her story about what happens when drugs take hold of a loved one. It didn't stop ther, soon it got worse because this loved one didn't hide the fact that he was addicted to it. I used to think that its the most comon thing I've heard in my life time and I have been reminded that I can't grow cold to these stories. The out come is the same and people handle them differentley. Some survive the onslaught of the drug and some don't. They either get the help they need or drift away. Some times I feel perhaps it better if they did but I am left to wonder what if he takes his family with him? This is where we need to get involeve with this issue and its a serious one that seems to grow every day. Don't think for one moment that grass is harmless because I saw first hand what it can do to a person once he or she is stoned to no return. This particular person died from apseration and if some don't know what that is then I will tell you. when a persons body is parelized because there muscles don't respond nor does there autonomic nerves. This person ended vomitting in his sleep and he inhaled it into his lungs. he flatlined and didn't return.

We need to take a stand for those who are victoms of any kind of addiction because it will destroy them and generations to come. You may not become addctied to a drug but you are a family member of one and that will make you a victom one way or another. So when  you read a post where some one is crying out for help, don't ignore them. Reach out to them and offer them support. Be the tue friend you are and show that you have a higher purpose in life.

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the dangers of drugs have been around as long as the 18th centery, the unfortunate thing is that the drugs have become too availible and way too powerful, case in point Oxicontin. the body becomes immune to the effects of these drugs so they make it more powerful so they stay hooked on it. Same goes for Alcholhol

Its an interesting philosophy to live by Trouble. I do beleive that we all have that sense of purpose to help and guide those who have strayed from the streight and narrow. With god giving us a choice, we some times make the right choices and by part of being human we tend to make some mistakes on the way. Its all a part of learning, with the hopes of mot making the same mistakes, including some of the vices you have mentioned. What we do with this choice remains to be seen. Now I have since the downfall of some of the churchs made me realize that theses pastors and preists and other church leaders are as human as we are. there is a standard that they have to live by, a code sort of speak. I have been disenchanted by the whole scandel and feel that the building known as a church is still a building. Its the people that make up the church itself. I've had personal talks with god in the past and feel that I do have a calling here. My freinds here know that I will listen to them, without putting my two cents in wothout it being asked first.

A person with drug problems like meth or crack or any other can seek help for a lifetime of in and out of rehabs, head doctors along with a self destruction of self and all of those around, AND BELIEVE ME because I know all to well more about drugs that I will write. When it comes to any escapes concerning the destructive realities that are in every direction and nook and cranny on this planet whether it be ****, gambling, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, over eating, weight or just any one of the uncountable negatives in life there is but only one way of effective dealing called the mind towards the only answer which is directly to God with no buildings of man called churches or the blind pastors leading the blind flocks. . .but directly to God.<br />
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For anyone who really has a problem and really needs help there is no other way, and its free money wise with a guarantee. If you believe in God and have love in your heart for who created you and the universe, He will love you in return. Proverbs 8:17 Have needs? He knows them all. Matthews 6:8 Want His help? You must have faith, because without faith it is impossible to please Him. Ready to unload your problems with faith? Cast all your cares upon Him; for he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 And God cannot lie. Titus 1:2<br />
God does not always answer your prayer the way you want or expect, but He will help you with your needs even if its just the strength for inner peace to deal with what ever your greatest downfall may be. Remember to trust only in the Lord and put no confidence in man. Psalms 118:8<br />
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As you said, we need to take a stand. So I shared my stand that works. Amen