Be aware, not afraid. Each of us has the power within to approach life with strength and courage, wisdom and understanding. In these moments of great change, it is vitally important to know what you know in your heart and have great discernment on what is presented from the outer world.

There is much information being placed in our path right now to invoke fear and a return to old ways of handling situations. It is time to realize we can approach life through love and forgiveness, caring and sharing. It is time to know that we can reveal a higher truth of peace and light -- living a life of unconditional love.

This is practical. It is necessary and it is time for each of us to realize that all life is precious and that we are all one upon this planet. What we have within, we give out. What we give out, returns to us. So if we have love and give it out, only love will return. If we are aware of ourselves and our energy then there is nothing to fear. You make a difference in this world every time you choose love.
hagenwhite3101 hagenwhite3101
46-50, M
Dec 10, 2014