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I work at a stable. we have about 40+ horses there, of all breeds and sizes. from junst under 14 hands, to 18.2 hands. today i went in to work kinda sad and lonely. I went to turn out one of our horses named Sawyer. he is a red chestnut gelding warmblood. about 17 hands. he is kinda skiddish around people, but for some reason he is very calm with me. i went to turn him out, and when i took his halter off of him, insted of turning and walking away, he just stood there and looked at me. so i started rubbing his forlock and cheek. he then preceeded to press his massive head against my hand and then pressed it against my chest. he could sense how i was feeling and wanted to make me feel better. so i just stood there in front of this powerful magnificent animal and started to cry. i wrapped my arms around his neck and he pressed his head against my back. giving me a hug. since my work was pretty much done, i sat down in the grass and he proceeded to stand there next to me and eat grass, never walking more then 10 feet away. i have been around horses all my life and it is because of this that i will stay forever and always a loving member of the horse world.

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And that in a nutshell is why I've always loved horses! Have you ever noticed people who hang around or own horses are more "grounded"? I've wanted a horse my whole life and this year I finally will get one. I can't wait! Hope you feel better soon.

That is so sweet, I could envision the whole thing, almost like something out of a heartwarming movie. <br />
Altho I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, but I know how healing it can be to have a horse, or in my case several. I am living the dream I had as a child of having my own horses on my own little farm and I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of being around my horses for the last 15 yrs. They are probably the one thing (besides my dogs) that have kept me emotionally stable(pardon the pun). <br />
I only wish that I could have started earlier in my life!<br />
Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story.<br />

what a wonderful story! I love horses too, I have my entire life. But I've never been in a position to do much with that. I haven't even so much as touched a horse in years. Moments like this warm my heart and confirm the majesty of horses. Thanks for sharing.