My Life Story

Hi world, my names Amelia, im 13 years of age and when I was 3 or 4 i was thrown off the back of a horse, it was the first time ide ever ridden, so obviously because i was so young i did not get back on, when i was twelve my friend introduced me to her horse (a welsh mountain pony) I rejected it from the start..... she offered me to hop on, i said no way in hell would i get on that thing!...3 months later, i was offered again, i once again said no. about 2 weeks later, my friend bet that i couldnt run a kilometre, i bet i could and if i lost ide have to sit on her horse, and of course, i lost the bet. I sat upon the pony quivering with fear, then my friend grabbed the lead rope and clipped it on to the horse, and said im going to walk you around, I said ok, and as soon as we got moving, i fell in love with horses on the spot! Im now working at the neighbors stud, and working at the Tasmanian saddelry school. And quess what! i get to pick a free horse from the stud! how awesome is that! next week :)

horseluver4life horseluver4life
13-15, F
Jan 17, 2010