Poor Creatures

As a child we took in a very fat cat, having never owned a cat before we were in for a shock when about a week later fat cat turned in to not so fat cat and four kittens.They were little hooligans, ripping the curtains and other destructive things. We found good homes for all of the kittens.

One went to a friend of my sisters who had an Affgang Hound dog who loved the kitten, they were always together.Everyone was amazed at the friendship between two species the are not supposed to like each other. The dog was a few years older than the cat and the sad day came when the dog had to be put to sleep. This left the cat upset and from that day to when the cat got ill and had to go the same way, he would go in the garden to where the dog was buried to sit on the grave first thing each morning for about ten minutes a day.

The mother cat we named Suzy, my mum gave to one of the neighbours when we moved ten miles away. She said that it had to be done as cats cant move house. A big lie as I found out many years later as I moved home with thirteen cats,two dogs, two ferrets,one rabbit and two rats. They are another story..

Why cant humans be like the cat and dog in this story?
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1 Response Feb 28, 2013

Animals are similar to humans and so each have personalities.

Some animals will focus on food and warmth and may not mix socially. Some humans write all day on EP and do not get into real relationships. Ir RL some humans are loyal to their partners but other relationships can be selfishly based. Have the impression that stable and loving human relationships are on the decrease.