Years ago, I lived in the basement of an apartment building. At the top of the building lived a close girlfriend of mine. Next door to her lived a woman with a beautiful white cat. One day, I went up to see my girlfriend. She told me her neighbor had moved out. Then she handed me the key to the next door apt. and asked me to take a look. I opened the door and promptly gagged! The apt. stank so badly I came close to gagging! I took a quick look around. The were wet spots and feces all over the rug. Just before closing the door, I was horrified to see Tara still in the room! I hurried back to girlfriend's room, and we talked for quite a while about what to do. She already had 4 cats living with her, and I had two.
The following day she put Tara in a cat carrier. She was sick and she brought her to my room. It took a month of TLC in the carrier to get her well. In the mean time my other cats adjusted to her, and she to them. Tara then became my cat and I kept her until she died 5 years later at the age of 16.
I would have loved to have taken Tara's previous owner and locked her in the room the way she left it. No wonder the poor kitty got sick!
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Nov 16, 2014