Looking For Mr.Goodbar...And Krackel.....And Special Dark

If you've ever had Hershey's Miniatures Chocolates,you probably know they include Mr. Goodbar with peanuts,Krackel with crisped rice and fantastic Hershey's Special Dark as well as the Great American Chocolate Bar that's called Hershey's.4 fabulous kinds of chocolate for chocolate lovers like you and me.
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I love chocolate, particular candy bars and other candy, also.
Butterfinger, Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Hershey's, M&M's,
Tootsie Roll, fudge.
Also hot chocolate drink.

I have not seen Hershey's chocolate here in Australia.If they sell it it must not be very polular,I am not saying it is not good,I am saying people stick to what they are used to buying.