Being Lied To...

It is not easy to be in the receiving end of an elaborate deceit. It happened to me. It took me a long time to recover, financially and emotionally. What I realized was that it was easy to avoid the situation if only I looked for the right clues, if only I had paid attention to those telltale tics in the eyes of others.
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You're right. We do!

You're right... I am, too. Been trying and applying those techniques everyday. :)

Some people can be so good at being deceitful that you can't out smart them, They have an answer for everything. I have an older son who thought he could lie, and for a while, he was pretty good at it. I can now tell exactly what he lied about after he is done talking and leaves the room. There are some people like sociopaths, that have even fooled the best. So don't feel bad, chalk it up to experience and lesson learned. Sometimes, we all make mistakes because we want to believe someone so badly, but we are harder to be fooled the next time around.

Thank you! This may sound like a marketing gimmick, but I assure you that it is not.This is the ultimate in lie detection: There are little lies, and there are big lies. What they have in common is how readily they can be seen even without paying attention to the actual words of the liar. The shoulder shrug, the nose-touching, the hand overemphasizing with a slashing gesture, and the subtle tic in the eyes. The book taught me all of those.

Thanks... I really hope so... I've been trolling the net lately and finding myself more and more interested in lie detection stuffs.

u see...due to these mistakes u are able to learn new things...u should always take it in a positive way...goodluck

dont worry...we learn from our sure it will not happen again from now on...