I Believe There Is A Heaven

Yes I do. I have read many stories on Near Death Experiences and those from people who have had the experience of talking to a loved one who has passed on. These stories are just to much alike to be made up. While there are many people brave enough to make their experience public, there are probably thousands more that are afraid of being labeled 'crazy'. And that's a shame because so many people, myself included, want to know what's on the other side of life. Maybe if more people weren't afraid to share what they saw, good & bad, then more people would change how they act  knowing they WILL be judged. Indeed, there are people who've changed for the better when they found what their current actions would get them. I kind of felt the explanation given by one man. He stated that he did not see his life flash before his eyes, well in a way he did, but what did happen to him was that he saw the faces of people he had harmed, one way or another, and he felt the pain they experienced due to his behavior. Time had no meaning to him though it seemed to go on forever. Actually, I think he was dead about 1-1/2 minutes. Another man, church goer, but had not accepted God as his Savior, found himself in a dank, dark forest where there were dead decaying trees. Then he saw hideous monsters coming at him. Dropping down to his knees and asking God to save him, transported him to a wonderfully beautiful place glowing with love & kindness. Most, if not all the people describe seeing their departed loved ones there, looking like themselves and their bodies had been made whole again. And time apparently has no meaning as they go about whatever they do there besides waiting for their loved ones when it's time. My own Mother, right before she passed, looked up at the our Minister sitting by her side and simply said, "Can I Go Now?' and he answered, "Yes". And then she was gone on to her reward she earned for being such a good human being and always doing what was right. 
There's a lot more I could say, perhaps I will later on, but there is one thing I have to say now and it is: What difference will it make if you do believe in God & Heaven and it turns out they don't and what a BIG difference if they do exist. And I'd like to add that I'm no saint, by any means, and I may not be the one to go out and preach about any of this. But I would never deny that I believe in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. In fact I enjoy a good conversation about God & religion. Not to long ago I read a few words written by an EP'er and loved it, "Why don't you believe in God? The Devil Does. Thank you for reading this.
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