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Every girl should own a decent pair of jeans that are 1. flattering to the hips, 2. with enhance the bum to a round peachy shape and 3. will slim down the leg to give an elongated 'gazelle' look.
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Meggi56,<br />
i am sorry you have felt the need to express your angst and angry about finding The perfect pair of jeans, but i'm afraid i will not have a debate on this subject with you for two reasons. 1. you stated yourself in the article that it was "virtually impossible" to find any, that sugessts you have either found some of which did not match your style so then did not like, or found a pair but they were to expensive for your budget. and 2. i'm British. <br />
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What a load of rubbish!<br />
<br />
When one is a fraction under eight stone (that's about 112lbs for the Americans reading this) it's virtually impossible to find a pair of jeans that aren't to BIG on the waist, hips and bum!<br />
<br />
Our government is constantly telling us that we're a Nation of Obese Lumps, who will cost the country untold millions in health care, yet, those of us who are naturally slim, have to suffer, because waist sizes of jeans/skirts are so much BIGGER than they used to be.