Skinny Jeans & A Tight Tshirt

Ok so technically I am not a girl but I am a sweet & sexy gay boy so its pretty much the same. I wear my skinny jeans all the time when I not at work. I wear them because i like the way they hug every curve from my hips down to my calves and I have great legs. I like to pair them with snug fitting tshirts usually music or animal themed comic book and cartoon characters are also some of my favorites. Normally I wear skater shoes with my skinny jeans but I prefer ladies shoes and boots when i can find them in my size its just too bad small town oklahoma is not the best venue to exhibit my collection of heels. I also love wearing womens baby-doll t's when i can find them my size but its hard to find ones i can get away with in small towns.
PupJoJo PupJoJo
31-35, M
Mar 15, 2011