But I Feel A Change.........

I have always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but recently ive decided its time for a change, a new look, a new image, im growing my hair ive stopped biting my nails  so they are actually growing for  the first time in years and out of my wages this month ive bought some new clothes,It amuses me that even tho I consider myself to be a tom boy I actually like long flowy I guess they could even be refered to as girly clothing.I supposeive always liked them but never wore them much before because when I tried to people would tell me they didnt suit me,but I have reached the point where I have decided that I dont care anymore I think aslong as I like them and am comfortable it doesnt really matter what anybody else thinks as they arent going to be wearing them.......and if prehaps you are reading this and thinking "oh shes trying to impress some guy I can assure you im not im doing this for me!

wish me luck
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1 Response Apr 5, 2011

My best friend used to be a proper "tomboy" lol :) Until i took her shopping!, i bought some, make-up and a white gypsy top with the matching white skirt!! she so liked it! she, decided to buy the same as well, (different colour of course) When she wore it friends commented how feminine and beautiful she looked, in the outfit!! she was like me then, a girlie, girl!!! lol :) <br />
She just wears now what she feels comfortable in!! and yet to think she used to be a "tomboy" she, got married and had 6 children as well lol :) <br />
Dress for yourself and how you feel, my young friend!!! Good Luck!!! :)