Jeans, T-shirt & Converse's

That's all i need! The best and most comfortable clothing in the world! lol.

This is pretty much all my Wardrobe consists of: Jeans - Skinny, Boyfriend, Baggy and lots of loose fit t's and my Converses of couse! A few pairs in different colors and styles.

I don't understand why people don't get it! My mom is always telling me I should buy some dresses,  leggings and skirts, pretty much telling me to dress more like a girl, lol, not that I don't have a dress or a skirt for the odd occassion.

I don't have anything against other types of clothing but this is what I like and what I'll always stick to and I don't plan on changing that for anyone!
ImaniCorleone ImaniCorleone
18-21, F
1 Response May 1, 2011

That is pretty much all I wear skinny jeans t-shirts and my con's or any other skate shoes that are flashy or girly enough for me. I have that kind of emo/skate/punk/rock style that is a little girly for a guy but I wear what I like and it is also what I like on girls too. Just wear what makes you happy jeans and a t-shirt can be very feminine and flattering or it can look boyish it is all about how you wear them.