Love Old Navy

I love my Old Navy "flirt" jeans and my happy bunny tshirts more than just a little.  I wear these most weekends if I am going somewhere casual.  I dress up most the time so this is a welcome change for me.

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13 Responses Apr 14, 2008

I wear my jeans and t-shirts everyday.

I am ALWAYS happy but not so sure about the bunny part. LOL Bunnies are cute.... oops I am sooooo cute.... Bunnies get chased by dogs.. Oh wait Dawgs chase after me all the time. Bunnies also eat a lot of lettuce and carrots... oh crap I do that too. Bunnies have a cute tail..,. Oh no that is me as well... Bunnies like to hop through life living peacefully and happily. Oh crap that is me too. Heck I must be a happy bunny lol. Gee thanks for pointing that out to me. lol I will be sure to do the same for you friend! TEE HEEE (Jaycee hops off into the midnight moon laughing like a Happy Bunny and chanting It's all About Me..... So get over it.... Over and over again. LOL)


I never called you easy... Let me go back and read again lol. Easy on the eyes??? yes but easy?? No LOL

I'll see what I can do. He's a control freak though so it may not be easy.

I heard through the grapevine that the draw to your bad is the hot basspla<x>yer so of course I have to try to score some pix lol.

I'm camera shy. May need a little more convincing....

MMMM I am thinking I need picture proof of this!! Not that I don't believe you but it is my shameless attempt to solicit you posting new pix! LOL

I'm in my skinny rock and roll jeans today :)

And I am sure you look hot in those jeans Bass.

I like steak and cheesecake. It's contrast that I think can make life so wonderful. I love a girl in a nice pair of jeans kicking back and relaxing and I also love getting dressed to the nines for some "snooty fun". I work in a casual environment so I don't get to play dress up much. I love my jeans though....mmmm....mmmm.

They would be the jeans in your avatar in fact.

Are those the jeans in a picture i saw once?