I Aint No Girly Girl....

i feel much more comfortable and more like myself when ive got my jeans on....whether its to takethe kids to school, tidy up the house, visit friends or even going out to party!!!
dont get me wrong i own dresses, i just dont wear them very often......i dont feel quite right.
but along with my jeans and  tshirts i cant survive without my hoodies and my collection of adidas trainers and converse. xx

cherrypop78 cherrypop78
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5 Responses Jan 2, 2012

black nikes rock,,with jeans,skinny jeans mostly

oh yeah, a woman in sexy white adidas trainers is the best! That is the ultimate in sexiness....

Dresses are the clothes you are forced to wear for 'important' events.<br />
<br />
For someone like me it's almost the opposite. Wearing dresses is the important event where we assert our identity most clearly.<br />
<br />
You probably don't realize how lucky you are to be able to wear whatever you want and to not be afraid that someone might attack you in a public way verbally or physically.

why do you have to wear a dress to show who you are?? but dont think people dont feel the need to comment on a girl who wears jeans on a daily basis....if i dont wear a dress im a tomboy, i cant even wear those stupid shoes that go with them!! so if i do wear a dress what do i put on my feet?? its seems theres always times when we all feel awkward at some point xxx

absolutly..........not to mention when you may need to run in the rain! you cant do that in a dignified way while wearing a dress, xxx

I feel the same way, having your clothes move with you when you do, with dresses I feel like a penguin...I don't own dresses, but I do wear them if I have too, I feel more comfortable in my jeans...