Lost In Society

Just a spin on some people that I have been around in my life and thought I knew them so well.
After years of being around them and noticing changes in some you realise what has really changed them?
There is someone in my life that I have been so very close too and he has gone through so many changes with his moods
and who he once started out to be. Or do we view people in a differant prospective then who they really are?
Lifes issues and working ourselves to death in our choices of work and all the hard problems we all have to face in life does take it's toll.
Seems it's a struggle to get up in the mornings for some.Lost in socety due to lack of jobs or failed relationships etc. does effect who we are or what can happen through time.
The whole thing is just to keep trying and never give your battle up.And if it's ever taken or you decide to leave then your a survivor and you have learned a hard lesson..

To give up on yourself is too easy for some. One tends to be a huge group that gets lost in society of who they are and where do we go from here?
Myself I'm one who will always fight the battles of life and will always dog paddle through the challenges. I'm not one to just let myself sink into the whirl pool of fate. The question is are you? 
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1 Response Feb 11, 2012

now youneed a bike to ride