Dressing Rooms

so im at Macys saturday,,im heading into the dressing room,,like i always do,,and i hear,,sir you cant go in there,,,like im some sort of  a threat to women right?!  so im like ok why not? i use this room all the time,,i just want to try these jeans on. you cant go in there,,it's for women only,,that hurt!! i didnt even bother to argue the point,,im like ok fine,,but i was a bit humiliated,,and i can understand her point of view,,after all i was wearing a baseball cap,,and a ponytail,,even though my ball cap is pink,with a red B for Boston,,but hey what can you do,,she was a dumb ***,,ha
starchild182 starchild182
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1 Response Feb 20, 2012

haha. why dont u dress a bit girly at times

hello? pink ball cap,,girls cloths,,did i miss something? lol