Me And Jeans

I like my jeans and t-shirt :3 I'm mature for my age, and honestly I'm bullied a tiny bit becaus I don't pile on make up like a walking barbie doll...
I don't have many friends because I'm different. I don't wear lots of make up and I seem pretty basic! I'm not.
Anyway I'm judged because I wear jeans and a t-shirt a lot.its comfy! Anyway people judge me wrong. I'm not exactly gorgeous on the outside but people don't care! I hate being judged by people so fast..... I stay strong I'm fine I'll survive xD but jeans and a t-shirt is my outfit! This one girl actually showed up in class with an obvious push up bra, so now I'm the only girl with natural..uh...boobs....
I'm not really insecure, and I'm generally happy! I'm just a bit lonely :/ when popular people judge me they spread I'm a happy outcast? Outlaw? Whatever you wanna call it I don't really fit in....never have and never been ashamed of it!
BUT what looks good with jeans and a t-shirt? Cute boots, or cute hair. I've noticed that when I wear skinny jeans I wear these cool boots the make my legs look good! Confidence is the key, and love jean-wearing self ;D
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1 Response Mar 19, 2012

The fact that you don't see the need to plaster on makeup makes me think you will grow up to be a very cool person to know. Good luck, and stay you.