Not Really a High Heels Kind O' Gal

I live in jeans and tees.  Love my Rockport hikers or a pair of flat sandals with my bare feet (depending on the weather).  Sure, it's nice to dress up once in awhile (you know, for weddings and Christmas parties).  But I was never a fashion diva, never was, never will be.  I suppose I was a bit of a tom boy - I'm not really a girly-girl; I do wear make up - want to look nice - but only the natural look for me.  I'm kind of a home-body, but I love the outdoors, too (camping, walks in the woods, picnics at the park).  I prefer bbq's over formal dinners, get togethers over fancy parties.  I guess in one word you could describe me as 'casual'.  One friend called me 'earthy'.  I considered it a compliment.

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Thank you, my friend :) Only it's taken me most of my life (thus far) to start really feeling comfortable in my own skin, lol. It's actually quite a recent event for me :) But I guess I was still able to pull off the 'earthy' ;)

Hi D I really enjoyed your story, earthy I like, be comfortable in your own skin, suit yourself girl. Hope you are feeling better to-day lol x

LOL.. thank you WiseOldOwl!! :)

I think "earthy" fit's you to a T.

LOL.. not to mention the damage done to hair.. all that color, perming, highlighting.. it's kinda crazy what women do to themselves to feel good, hey?! <br />
<br />
As a girl I liked to play with dolls, play house, but I also liked to ride my bike, play with legos, throw around the ball. I think you put your finger on it, tho.. I didn't care quite as much about appearances - the dressing up and putting on a bunch of make up, tho I did do it, I just wasn't really into it. I'm definitely not an 'Eva Longoria type'.. appearances aren't all that important. I guess that's what I mean by 'girly-girl'.

You know, I would take being called "earthy" as a compliment, too! I also think you described me to a T as well with your story, because I'm the same way! Growing up, I was always pretty much a tomboy, and was sometimes even criticized for refusing to wear more dresses, or play "girl" games with the dolls and the "girl" toys. But even though I did have a tomboy side to my personality, I still always cared about my looks and wore some makeup. I just wasn't all "girly" like most girls my age - shopping and trying on clothes and wearing a ton of makeup every single day of my life. Now when family has something to say about my "tomboy" ways, I take it as a compliment, because I look better now then those other women that I knew as girls who piled on all that damned makeup, that's for sure, because their skin is paying for it! It's a scary sight, I tell ya! LOL!

Thanks identity - I love pj's too. Sometimes it is fun to dress up and stand out a bit. But you are right, no matter what we do on the outside - how we choose to express ourselves - we are still the same person on the inside, and this inner person is the one that really matters.

Hello, well I love your style to me that is peaceful.I love camping also go every year.Lot of people call me grandma because I like to lounge around in pj's all day, and I to am a homebody, but I love being who I want to be. But when it comes to me being flashy, I can do that to, but I prefer the comfort of being at home in my pj's.If you love who you are then stay the way you are and be happy and enjoy life.

Thanks, Buks, I think so, too. Earthy can be sexy, in more of a mysterious sort of way, I think.

Earthy is definitely a compliment.