Women In Jeans

My most rememberable time involving a female wearing jeans was when I was around 18,
There she stood wearing the tightest pair of jeans and t shirt I have ever seen, she must have been poured into them or had several people help her to squeeze into them, she was stood with her hands on her hips and comanded me to *****. I did so instantly as she cast a figure of a woman you dont argue with.
she proceeded to tie my hands behind my back and tied me legs together, then put me in a head lock. the feel of her legs in these tight jeans turned me on, she continued to wrestle me putting me into a scissor lock.
I have since that moment been a keen fan of women in tight jeans.
This is one very happy guy who loves women in tight jeans
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1 Response Apr 12, 2012

nothing more sexyier then a women in a t-shirt & tight jeans & high heels mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooh & them high heels should be open toes as well