I Love My Jeans And Tees

I am definitely a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl . I find myself in jeans most of the time. If I am not I am in scrubs, I prefer jeans . Although I am finding a love for scrubs too. I think I have like 5 dresses in my closet. Lol Where I am from jeans were just easier . I rode horses and worked out in the garden, hunted. Now that I live in fl even when its 80 I wear jeans I don’t really get hot until it’s in the 90’s in the summer. If I moved back north I would freeze my tush off in anything but jeans. But I am getting off point I love my jeans and tee shirts I wouldn’t give them up for the world.
belledawn1 belledawn1
26-30, F
Jul 26, 2012