Let me wear my jeans on any occasion and you'll always see happy Spring. I love jeans. Especially blue ones. And bootcut. The older, the better. Not necessarily with a T-shirt; a top is fine, too. But I remember a moment in my life when I amused myself wearing those t-shirts with funny slogans on them. My favourite one was ' So many boys, so little time' – I had such a blast seeing people's reactions! Good, old times...

Anyway, I'm very happy that my job lets me wear jeans every day. I wouldn't feel comfortable putting on some stylish, elegant outfits. Just not my style.

I don't wear much jewellery either. I like looking at women with beautiful, long earrings, colorful bracelets and rings. Heck, I often even buy these cute, fancy thingies myself, but never actually wear them later... Somehow, jewellery restricts my moves. I only wear my wedding ring. Not so much for its symbolic meaning, but simply because I like it.

So if you were to meet me in the street any day, I'd probably be wearing faded blue jeans and a black top. Oh, and my wedges of course! I have a soft spot for these. You would do, too, if you were 5'2''... ;)
touchOFspring touchOFspring
36-40, F
Aug 14, 2012