An Arc Of Experience

I've been teaching myself to weld.
It's probably the very last thing on earth that I thought I would do, or would want to do, but I'm doing it! It's been fun so far. And interesting: how you can get two pieces of metal to actually fuse together.
I've always been naturally curious about stuff, but have a fair share of topics onwhich I have remained blissfully ignorant too. Welding being one them.
Although this has changed, and I'm glad. I am proud of myself for taking on a task such as this, and what is more - I am tickled pink by the thrill of riding aloft this new learning curve. It's as if I can actually feel the synapses in my brain making new connections, and it tingles nicely in there.
My husband bought me an inverter two months ago, a welders helmet, gloves, and general purpose rods for arc welding. He isn't exactly a professional metal worker or anything, but he gave me a couple of pointers to get me started. As did a friend of his (who is actually a metal worker by trade), and presto! I'm tacking beads and running welds and getting things to stay together!
Yay!! I can weld  :-)
Amandalyn Amandalyn
31-35, F
Nov 3, 2012