What's Up With Power Heells and Tons of Makeup?

Im def a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl....which probably ticks my man off more than anything. I just don't see why jeans, t-shirt and a little hint of make-up with a pony tail can't be sexy too!

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8 Responses Aug 13, 2008

the country girl look is hot.

what you mean by that "heels and makeup" comment, hun? mean you can do both! I do! I am always sexy and preppy and I dont ever have feel frumpy...Im just more at home most of the time in my jeans...heels or not. But always makeup

Heck yes! Being real is sexier then trying to look like barbie

tight jeans, tee shirts just a bit small and a pony tail, baseball cap and barefoot

Speaking as a guy... nothing turns me on more than a trim good looking girl who wears Levi's 501 shrink to fit button fly jeans and a t-shirt! Omit the bra and underwear for maximum sex appeal. I never particularly liked dresses or other traditional attire for women.

Speaking as a guy... nothing is sexier to me than a woman who wears jeans and t-shirts... love it!!

I'm with you there.. I'm one of those "comfortable shoe" sorts.. and left to my own devices, jeans & T-shirt is my native mode.. I have nothing against heels, and I feel that the guys who like them should be perfectly free to wear 'em..!

I'm that kinda gal as well. Luckily, my man thinks it's sexy. I just feel a lot more comfy being natural.