Not A Dress On This Chick

I always hated dressing up when I was a kid. Of coarse I couldn't help it cause my mom made me wear dresses to church a lot. I was so glad when I got older and was able to decide what I could wear. Don't get me wrong I do dress up a little to an extent. I have blouses and dress pants in the closet. The last time I wore a skirt was last June to my wedding and I wanted to dress up that day and look special even though I was uncomfortable and hated it. That day I dressed up was the first time I dressed up in eleven years when I was maid of honor at my sister's wedding. I love jeans and t-shirts, can't help it. And my family has got onto me plenty of times not only I should dress up a little more but I should wear brighter colors besides dark colors all the time. I've had plenty of guys ask me what I'm wearing at times and I'm sorry I don't do sexy lol. I'm not your typical girl, I'm a little bit of a tomboy. Like right now I'm wearing gray jogging pants, black t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and it says Old School and brown bunny slippers.'s that for sexy? Lol.
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I feel uncomfortable when i have to be in a suit,

love this