It'S So Easy, And It Fits So Good

I am a teenage girl and normally we spend a lot of time on choosing perfect clothing, based on the latest fashion.
I am not such a girl like that. I love it to wear some simple jeans and shirts on regular days. I don't like skirts or dresses so my closet is maibly filled with jeans.

I prefer tight skinny jeans, because they fit perfectly around your legs and butt so you almost won't notice you're wearing them. The problem with those baggy jeans is that they feel like a bunch of denim around your legs which walks very uncomfortable. I prefer Hollister or Levis jeans, but they're pretty expensive, so I use my prettiest smile to seduce my dad haha!

I am very easy with shirts. I like the plain white ones, because they basically fit with everything. I also like shirts with funny prints.

I don't like it to look like a fashion girl, although I do my best to look good in what fits nice for me.

Sometimes, when we go to church I have to wear a dress, which is so annoying. Every time I wear them it feels like somebody is looking under my dress..

JacyTexasGirl JacyTexasGirl
18-21, F
4 Responses May 9, 2013

I wear jeans and boots to church sometimes. Especially if I get done work late on Wednesdays.

add me please x

Most churches today except girls in slacks and pant suits, so maybe try something like that next time. Like maybe a nice pull over top and black slacks. You may even be able to wear flats too.
You need to be comfortable where ever you go.

great story !