I Just Love Them!

They are durable, and comfy.  The shirts are cheap, and easy to replace.  How much better can it be?!

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3 Responses Sep 30, 2008

Why would I delete you? You didn't say anything obscene (sp?), and didn't offend me.<br />
And, you are allowed to say just about anything you like. LOL. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! LOL.<br />
I like the jeans that were once a dark wash, that have been so well used, that they have naturally worn down, and fit like a glove... Those are the most comfortable. LOL.

Girls don't have to wear dresses or skirts to look knock-out gorgeous. I like it when girls wear jeans that go right up their crack! Am I allowed to say crack? :D Oh well, you can delete me if you want but it was a valid point! :D

I wear them too, but they just aren't as easy to wear as a t-shirt and jeans.