Best Way to Present Myself

I feel like wearing simple, non-"sexy" clothes gives me a better chance at meeting guys I'm actually interested in (i.e. nerdyish, intellectual types) - especially since I have a boyfriend, and don't particularly want people to approach me with romantic intentions.

Plus, it lets people get to know me for my personality more than my looks... which is always nice.

However, I DO admit to going the extra mile to get noticed in my science classes - I have a pretty good collection of chem-nerd t-shirts (the kind with chocolate/caffeine/periodic table jokes) and I definitely wear them to impress professors/classmates/lab partners.

And it works! I wore my C-H-O-Co-La-Te shirt the other day to physics lab (har har, it's written in element shorthand) and both my lab partners commented appreciatively.

rainbowchristmaslights rainbowchristmaslights
18-21, F
Sep 30, 2008