Aw Most Definetly!

Yeah, every day basically! right now I'm wearing a t shirt I bought yesterday at the renaissance festival and a pair of blue jeans. The shirt says "Wenches want me." And I kept getting stares today because I'm a girl (;
cassmorris1422 cassmorris1422
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2013

Just a thought. I bet you would be totally sexy standing under a tree with your wrists tied above your head. On your tiptoes, belly stretched to a concave shape then your shirt tugged up to expose your bellybutton. Is your hair long or short? Take this as a compliment. Girls in old fashioned jeans are beautiful.

Girls today all seem to wear skinny jeans and printed cotton tops. Back in the 60's most every girl wore a dress. I like to see girls in a skirt or dress they look more like a girl.

I don't like skinny jeans, I do like girls in dresses too. But I look like myself (a girl) in jeans and a t shirt. (: that's sort of the point of this experience page