I Was Jeans And T Shirt Kind Girl,,,,Happy,,,

i was full of life,,,i use to dance,,laugh,,scream when i see first flower in my garden,,,i use to wakeup early morning not to waste the beautiful day,,listen to birds,,,hug my mum kiss her hands who make me great breakfast,,,,,i thought life can be more and more beautiful,,,,,,,,,,but,,,,,what did he do to me,,,,one person can kill all that life,,,,why,,,,oh GOD why,,,,i wish he told me we cant be together i could have little respect for him as a man,,,,,,but he always use me for kids,,,for his house ,,,for cooking,,,for showing to his family that he can have a family,,,,,,,,in front of his friends,,,that i m married but my wife can't say nothing what so ever i do ,,,i have my freedom after marriage too,,,,,not only this,,,,he told my maid,,,that i will be like a maid and she will be his lover ,,,when i catch them ,,,,he was screaming she is a ***** she is a liar,,,,i know him ,,,she was not bad person she came to work for her kids,,,she was very young ,,,i ask her alone she show me the money and told me what he said,,,,,can you people imagine,,,,,,,,WHOM i loved,,,,,,he gave me big big shocking attacks each other days,,,,why what did i dooo,,,,,i dont wanna fight with him thats why i stay quite,,, coz he was my choice,,,whom i can blame,,,,,i was covering him in front of my family my friends,,,,,,,,,,,,now when i see gals in jeans happy i see my self ,,,,i WAS happy ,,,,,,,,,continued,,,,,,,can't write more then this,,,,its hurttttt oh its hurts,,,,i hate himmmmmm
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1 Response Oct 18, 2013

when i will have little strength i will continue my life story,, how my dream man take outhis men ego on my kindness and that i loved him,,,,,,,:(

sorry to hear that....:)

thank you dear,,,