I Am.

I only wear dresses and skirts if i needed to like in a occasion or school activities. I really prefer jeans and t~shirt because im comfortable with it.
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i love being in jeans and a tshirt,, so simple, yet such a statement...

Although, since I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, I always buy top notch jeans lol (i don't settle for Wal Mart quality..no offense)

its easy..I can't stand some girls who show up to college in Christian Louboutins like seriously! keep it low maintenance..examine your environment and dress to fit, is my opinion.

I like the girly thing about getting all dressed up (tight sexy dress, shoes, hair, make-up, etc.) for special events and such but overall I'm a jeans/shorts and T-shirt girl too.

I like the jeans and t shirt look. So sexy on women and is so comfy.

haha. yeah. me too. if i had no choice.

The only way you'd catch me in a skirt is if I was forced into it. Same thing with a dress.

yes it matters