I'll never be a girly girl.... for some reason any guy i've dated really pushes that Girly factor... Which i dont really understand. If you wanted a girly girl then why did you start dating me? ... Question of the year folks lol. so yeah.. I am always in jeans and a tshirt or a cami and hoodie... thats my attire. I do love heels though... LOVE heels... if i dress up.. its jeans, heels and a nice shirt.... idk... Its comfortable.. and jeans are so versatile.... I just cant help myself...

if i REALLY wanted to stretch it... jeans are AMERICAN.... they make me an american.. (I have no idea if that is true but lets just pretent... k?... k.)

The end :)
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1 Response Dec 26, 2013

Well the reason why they push that probably depends per person. But if I had to take a wild guess... confidence is sexy and they probably associate dressing girly with a sense of pride in your being female and your body.

Yeah but it is part of it to go out of your way for it. If it's something normally wouldn't wear but looks totally cute on you, it feels like getting a gift. She picked it up just for you and to see that smile on your face.

Well that's how I'd feel about it anyway :P