Yeah I'm not really the kind of girl who wears skirts or dresses. I can live with shorts but not short-shorts. I really like to stay simple like I get a random jeans a t-shirt I put on my converse. Then I'm all dressed up. I don't really care what will others think of me because all I know is that I'm fab (hehe lawlz) cause I rather wear comfortable clothes than to fit in the crowd.
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2013

There isn't anything wrong with your look. That was exactly the type of girls I liked when I was growing up.

Me too! I'd rather wear comfortable clothes like jeans and shirt rather than shorts or skirts :)

i think of the same thing too, i don't like guys looking at me thinking that i am some kind of easy girl

wow good thing we agree on the same thing :)
are you more on the conservative side?