Dress? You Want Me to Wear What?!?

I don't do dresses often, occassionally and very occassionally I can be coaxed into dressing up in a Princess dress or corset dress, but for the most part, I don't do dresses.


Jeans, Tee Shirt - yes all the time, but I don't get this women look good in dresses, on some women, it looks down right stupid, and for the most part it looks, honestly, dumb.  In a dress, your legs get cold, you can't sit right, you have to be "proper" and "demure", well I ain't proper or demure and I don't pretend to be such very well.


I've gotten told that I'll never make a good officer in the military because I'm too much of a tom boy - yeah so what - I'm still female and I can fight it up with the best of them, just because I perfer pants to dresses doesn't mean that I can't lead, it just means that I'll more than likely be in the front rather than hiding behind the people I'm leading.


evilkittymew evilkittymew
46-50, F
Dec 22, 2008