I am sooo in jeans all the time unless im at the beach! but under my jeans and t shirt ... ummm nothing ;)
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Sound like my kinda girl

Does that stimulate your clitoris all day?

That's so cute ... And very sexy ; ) X

thank u ;)

Your welcome - it's so nice to undress a girl and find she's wearing nothing underneath . I also like jeans and t - shirts kind of girls ; ) X

you have made me hard just thinking about you naked would love to see you following directions and doing what I ask you to do

that makes me smile knowin u r hard ;)

really? I know how you feel, and I want to feel what you know. Show me your glory, I'll show you my story.

who said anything about the Internet I was going to post them all over my walls. not really into sharing

ahhh thats much better lol

I would absolutely love to stare down your top come on oveI will take pictures and post them for you

haha i keep my clothes on unless its for one special guy ... or maybe another girl at some point :) ... i have no desire to be all over the internet that way :)

love to see that

unless you are staring down my top you might not notice lol ;)

Naked under your clothes?
Wow so kinky! Lol :)